Washington Suites Alexandria is ideally located in a charming, residential neighborhood. It is minutes away from I-395, I-495, Reagan National Airport, Amtrak’s Alexandria Rail Station, Landmark Shopping Mall, Old Town Alexandria and the Van Dorn Metro.

We live here. We also have friends and families who come to visit the area. Where do they want to go when they are in town? Below is a list of attractions that we recommend to our family and friends.

Getting around DC

Alexandria MapDesigned as a capital of “magnificent distances” by Frenchman Pierre L’Enfant more than 200 years ago, Washington, DC., has grown into a sprawling metropolis filled with businesses, monuments and museums. Whatever your destination, getting there is easy once you know a few basics about the city’s layout and transportation system. The District is a ten-mile square. Picture this square up-ended in the position of a diamond.

Washington is comprised of four quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest with the U.S. Capitol at the center. North Capitol Street, South Capitol Street, East Capitol Street and the National Mall radiate like spokes from a wheel, dividing the streets as you move away from the Capitol. Before setting out, be sure that your destination bears a quadrant designation, for a given address may be found in any of those quadrants.

Numbered streets run north and south, parallel to North and South Capitol streets, with the numbers increasing sequentially the farther east or west you go from the Capitol. Lettered streets run east and west, paralleling East Capitol Street and the Mall. The farther north or south the streets are from the Capitol, the closer they are to the end of the alphabet (there are no J, X, Y or Z streets). After the alphabet has been exhausted, the east-west series continues with two-syllable names (Adams, Belmont, Calvert), then three syllable names (Allison, Buchannan, Chesapeake), and so on. Diagonal avenues with state names (Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) intersect other streets at circles.